Skid Steer Receiver Hitch


Do you move a lot of equipment trailers, utility trailers, or boat trailers around on the yard? If so, CID has a convenient way of moving them around if you already own a skid steer or a track loader. Our skid steer receiver hitch attachment makes it easy to move trailers around the yard using your skid steer. It can really get aggravating and tiresome using a vehicle to move your trailers around on the yard. Jumping in and out of the vehicle to hook up and unhook. Making sure you are lined up correctly while backing up. Skid steers eliminate you having to back trailers in like you would with a truck or car. While our skid steer receiver hitch uses the same ball mounts you use in your other vehicles. Hooking up only takes a fraction of the time required to hook a trailer to your truck. We also carry a skid steer goose neck receiver hitch.

Skid Steer Receiver Hitch Attachment Alternative

If you are needing more than a receiver hitch. CID has got it covered. We also offer a 3 point hitch that can be used to move other skid steer or tractor implements around the yard. It can have an optional receiver hitch added to it. For more info on our 3 point hitch you can click here.→ 3 Point Hitch Attachment

Skid Steer Receiver Hitch Attachments Extra Protection

Our skid steer receiver hitch attachment also comes powder coated for extra protection. All CID attachments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. This warranty starts from the initial sale, lease or rental date.


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